A Bunch of Randomness

2015 04 19_canonpws_1275
In my mind I've been making up posts for this blog all through the week, but somehow these never made it to the blog.

Anywhooo, I just want to share a few randomness with you today:
  • The picture above is from Berkeley Rose Garden snapped a week ago.  Unfortunately, it was too early to visit that very few of the roses had flowers.
  • I got my DSLR cleaned professionally.  However, I only got the body cleaned and not the telescopic lens because as usual I'm trying to save money. Turned out the cause of all my problems was the dirty lens and not the body(mirror, etc), ugh!
  • I'm taking a month off Zumba.
  • One more month and I'm off to Mexico for a little R&R.
  • My co-worker is going to Italy this year, her first time, and I'm so excited for her.
  • I bought two bags of books from the town library's book sale.  My year's supply of reading is taken care of.
  • Speaking of reading, I've been doing a lot of that lately.  A lot, a lot!
  • I still haven't seen Insurgent.  It doesn't look like I'm ever going to see it on the big screen.  How was it, for those who have seen it?
  • Thankful Emma and Buster are in pink of health, knock on wood.
  • I haven't been to San Francisco since last year, can you believe that?  Too much things going on here in the East Bay.
  • I could have a bowl of vermicelli bun right now.
  • I'm a little under the weather. It's 71 F outside, and I'm inside the house in my bathrobe and feeling really cold, sinus is congested and head pounding, but surfing online makes my aches and pains all manageable.


Linnea said…
I went to the Rose Garden in Berkeley yesterday. Some of the flowers are starting to fade, but it was still pretty. I'm going on a last-minute cruise to Alaska out of SF on May 12th. It's on my bucket list! Maybe you have allergies? That makes some feel under the weather. Enjoy the week...

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