Crazy Cat Lady post

2013_04_14 004
Crazy cat lady and kitties napping during one of my sick days off.

Please I beg your indulgence in this purely selfish, crazy post.

It's about what happened in the bed last night. Did I hit your curious nerve there?

Aha, this is not R-rated, if you must know. It's actually sorta Disney-esque kind of post.

It's about my furbaby Buster. I've been yakking here about Emma sleeping on my legs or in between them almost nightly (except when it's hot). Buster on the other hand has claimed under the bed as his kingdom. That was the first place we went to when we got him from the shelter and so we put his catbed there. Now his catbed is gone, he doesn't like to sleep on it anymore, instead preferring the dusty carpet floor, or if he surfaces from under the bed would sleep in the computer chair also in the same room.

Well the night started as usual. Emma in between my legs, Catpapa next to me snoring. As I was trying to catch my sleep I heard a noise. I knew Buster jumped onto the bed and before I knew it he's next to me. He does this sometimes, asking for head rubs, neck and ear scritches. If I'm not awake, he would head butt my palm, and instinctually I would do as he asks in my half awake state.

Last night I was fully awake. It's been my habit to have a pillow on one side while the hubby sleeps on the other side. It feels more comfy and warmer that way.

So Buster proceeded to beg for head rubs and scritches, which I willingly gave. Then his motor started running, he's a big purr machine that one. As he purred and purred while I rubbed and rubbed, he started to make himself comfy on top of the pillow.

And my last waking memory is that of my hand draped around Buster's body, while his sleeping face was inches away from mine.

We slept cuddling. He was so sweet to allow this moment and experience with me.

Yap I admit, I am certifiably a crazy cat lady.


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