From Islam to Cosplay in One Night

Last night was a lazy night in our household. A load of laundry was all I could muster to do after a full-day's work. I don't think I was tired, I was just lazy. That's all.

Compounding this situation was the hubby's seemingly deliberate attempt to join my parked butt on the couch the whole night long. I actually have 2 very important things on my calender to complete last night, but well sad to say laziness won.

It wasn't an unproductive night however. While channel surfing I veered to PBS to check out if ANTIQUES ROADSHOW was on. I really enjoy watching this show and each time I watch it I tell myself that I have got to get me to visit antique stores around the area, which I never do because away from the tv screen, I have very little interest to go antique-ing.

There was no Antiques Roadshow last night. Instead, the station was showing part 1 of the documentary LIFE OF MUHAMMAD. Very interesting, very informative. I was glued to the tube, was so fascinating. Part 1 tackled his early life until he started to hear the words of God.

I have always been curious about other religions outside of Christianity and this is a very good way of learning about Islam. I'm thinking about showing this to the congregation one day so they too could learn more about other religion.

The show is a 3-part series and I have to find out when they will show the continuation parts. But I'm really really interested. What a good film.

Later on after the documentary was over, my channel surfing found me on Syfy, which is one of the favorite channels in my household. The hubby is a huge sci-fi fan and we watched so many of these crazy unbelievably outrageous movies on Syfy like the Sharknado, remember this? Well if you don't know what his tv movie is I'll tell you. It's a movie about tornado filled sharks, so once the tornado touches ground the people get eaten by sharks. Stupid and so so bad. But well I believe when it debuted on Syfy, the social media was abuzz with #sharknado.

Anyway, last night there was no movie, but there was a show called Heroes of Cosplay. Okay so I'm not totally clueless about cosplay. I have heard of it online somehow. I know it has something to do with sci-fi characters and that people are fully garbed in costumes and they role play or something.

What I didn't know before I watched this show was that the people participating in cosplay have dreams and aspirations of becoming costume designers, etc. And the road to convention is littered with hopes and excitement, frustrations and hard work, creativity and more hard work. I did not realize that to compete in costume competition one must be able to create his/her own costume and it's not enough that you copy a character's costume. One must be creative in doing so, must use different techniques and the degree of difficulty in creating the costume is judged heavily. In addition one must also play up to the character once on stage. It's a lot of hardwork. I salute those people who do this.

I was really impressed with their creativity. I used to enjoy sewing when I was younger. My mother had a sewing machine. She was a great seamstress. She used to earn money sewing dresses once upon time. Her weakness is in making patterns. She can sew if she has a pattern, but creating a pattern is not her strong suite.

Anyway, when I was younger I also dabbled in sewing, which I thought was really weird of me because none of my friends were into it. But I went ahead and made dresses for my dolls.

Then high school came around and the ugly reality of peer pressure came into fold. I abandoned the sewing machine.

Seeing this show last night I marvelled at how one's husband was not only the designer of her fabulous glowing dress, but he was also the one who tailored it, which I think is really against the rule. If I heard it correctly at most help would be 15% of the entire costume.

I have a few sewing projects in my closet right now. What I don't have aside from time is a sewing machine. I really don't need a fancy machine, just something that can stitch something together. Coincidentally while at Target over the weekend I spied 3 different kinds of sewing machines and none of them were over $300. I think it's high time I save up for a sewing machine and take up sewing again, even if only to alter jeans and such. After all altering can be really expensive outside.


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