So far.....

Blogging here at our hotel in New Delhi India. Just finished dinner via room service, chicken biryani (way too spicy) and some vegetables. Also watching Olympics - weight lifting for women.  Tomorrow night we'd be flying to Bangladesh to visit my in-laws. 

Here's what happened so far:
  •  The flight here took 20 hours, uneventful and was a bit rough towards the end.  Watched Hunger Games on the plane.  
  • Arrived in New Delhi midnight and was happy to find a rep from the travel agency meeting us and taking us to our hotel.  
  • Our tour of New Delhi turned out to be more of a drive by tour.  It was too hot and humid, brutal.  So we decided to not go down and explore the sights, just sit in the airconditioned car and let the guide tell us what we were seeing.  We went down 2x but that was all we could muster.  Apparently, Delhi was having a drought year.
  • The Agra part of our tour was incredible.  I love everything we saw in Agra.  The food there was fabulous too.  Even the hotel.  I'll blog about all of this when I get back.
  • Jaipur is fabulous too.  Way exceeded my expectations.  Too hot here too.  The food is excellent and the hotel just great. 
  • Will see one more stop here in Delhi before we depart for Dhaka tomorrow.
  • In the meantime, I'm PMSing so I better end here :)


wow congrats on ur trip.

I ve been wanting to go to agra and jaipur for so long :)

glad u are doing this trip. Being in hot and humid climate can drive u nuts, drink plenty of water and juices :)

take care
PEACHY said…
can't wait to read your incredible stories and see the pictures :-)

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