Moral Support

I was out sick last week for two days. Nothing serious, just seasonal stuff I guess. I was feeling run-down, must be due to the chaotic tone of the Holidays where people spread themselves too thin around this time taking on more than they can handle. I was one of those I suppose.

On my first day in bed, Emma was my companion. Both cats stayed in bed with me, but Emma was the one beside me the whole time as I rested in bed and watched Twilight and New Moon - again!

On the second day, it was Buster who kept me company as I felt a whole lot better and vegitated instead on the couch instead of the bedroom. There Buster kept me company as I watched via Netflix watch instantly the first season of PRISON BREAK. It was nice reliving those episodes again. I also realized that I did not see the first 4 or 5 episodes of Prison Break, how could that be?

Anyway, I returned back to work after getting my lab test results and all I needed is to pop some vitamins, good.

And how could it be that with the more you check off names of your Christmas list the longer it gets? I was out and about again this weekend picking up more and more for more and more people. I am getting bankrupt :)

Regardless, I am going to enjoy this Holiday Season.


kayni said…
same situation here with my Christmas list. i can't seem to finish off my list because i add someone each time i cross off another.

i hope you're feeling much better now.

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