After Christmas Post

12 days had passed since my last post. You know why, right? You know why a lot of bloggers had not had a new post in a few days, me included. Well the preparations for the Holidays had gotten in the way of some blogging.

Well, what have I got to report during this 12-day absence from blogging? For one we have had a lot of rainy days - continuously raining for a week, stopped for a day then wet all day Christmas. What can I say but thank heavens it seems like no drought situation next summer. We will have enough water to get us through a dry California summer.

I have enjoyed shopping this year. Must be the fact that I started last year during the after-Christmas sales so I was already ahead by the time the season of shopping came around. Plus, there weren't as much shoppers as in the past so I really didn't have to wait in line to pay for my purchases. You know those long lines really zap the energy out of me - and the cheery spirit too.

Again, I hit the stores this year on the day after Christmas and was able to snag great deals at Sears for next year's holiday gift giving. I buy stuff that I like a lot so that when these items don't go to the intended receiver, I would enjoy the items myself, a bit selfish don't you think? But honestly, I think anyone would love what I already had boxed up in the garage for my loved ones' 2011 Christmas gifts.

Have I mentioned that it was my turn to host the family's Christmas lunch this year? A number of family members were absent but there was a big turnout so it the food wasn't wasted. To-go boxes for everyone too - hubs and I don't have to eat all the left-overs, yay!

Our lunches are always pot luck, but as the host house we had to fix more dishes to be served. My mother shouldered the lechon - wouldn't be a celebration unless there's a lechon, that's what she believed. But since she was paying, I let her get her way :)

We made pancit bihon, Laotian salad, pesto pasta, basmati rice with green peas, italian style sauteed brussel sprouts, spiral ham, beef curry, lasagna. We put out veggie platter with dip, and cheese and crackers. For desserts we made Crema de Catalunya - a custard like dessert, and ambrosia.

Our family brought roast beef, lengua, dinuguan, green salad with chili dressing (really good combination), baked trout, and a cakey dessert that I would have to show you later on.

All in all the lunch was fun. Two dogs were in attendance, I was expecting four. But the presence of the bigger dog, Max, my brother's little darling mutt had spooked my dear Buster that he and his big sister Emma stayed the entire day inside our room upstairs. At night when almost every one left, especially the dogs, we were able to coax them to come downstairs and say hi to the ones left behind playing cards.

There was sniffing - a lot of sniffing. They sniffed the entire downstairs living area and garage too. Then and only then they calmed down and joined us on the couch in the family room where we were rewatching 2012, the movie, not a very Christmassy movie.

Well, how's that for a report. I hoped you all had a safe and happy celebrations.


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