One of the best places to people watch is in the jury selection room. It is full of people who find many different ways to fill the time, make the idle minutes pass by busying themselves. There is the one who has been here before and has brought something to occupy the time either a book, newspaper, laptop, phone to text simply to chat. The phone talker is a funny specie to watch. He/She calls everybody on her address book to tell them he/she is whiling the time away in the jury selection room waiting to either be called to serve or to either get released by the judge. The gadget-toting person is another interesting specie. She/He avails of the "free" electricity by recharging her IPod or other electronic devices while waiting for the call or release. The readers are the quiet ones. I wonder if they really are reading or simply flipping the pages. The workaholics who bring their work to the jury room are the ones who I thought needed the break of doing nothing for a few hours just being bored. The inspector walks around, pacing back and forth and making eye contact with everyone she/he passes. I wonder if she/he memorizes the faces for future reference. Then there is the sharer. Unmindful of the place, she/he either chats on her/his phone about sensitive matters (like how far behind is she/he in her credit payment) or with a neighbor, a stranger, about her/his medical conditions, the treatments, and the prognosis. I don't know how these people can blurt out these information not considering the other people within earshot, and there is about 200 of us, I surmised.

And then there is me, the blogger, who'd rather forego reading the magazines provided for a chance of a lifetime to watch people in this situation. And hopefully can squeeze a post out from these few hours of waiting in jury room before getting released. Oh well, there's another next year to people watch when I get my summons.


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