A week in review:


I started my new work schedule today, got up ahead of my alarm clock, first day jitters? Was able to shower and eat breakfast and still have at least ten minutes to spare. I love it. Then commute to work was wow only 20 minutes, I certainly am loving it. Work day went by quickly and when it was time to go home, my I was home under 30 minutes. I love this schedule. Oh they killed Kutner on House, shocker of the season right? I can't believe my eyes, until of course I heard the actor wanted to leave the show to pursue a job in the White House. Good luck Kumar, er Kutner, er Kal.


It's raining, hard around the Berkeley-Oakland area. And the exit ramp to work was closed for public works. Yikes, nope I did not panic even though the rain was pouring really hard. I usually do panic in the past, even though I know to take the next exit go around to the other side of the freeway to get to the exit from that side.

The drive home was marred by an accident that had all five lanes of Eastbound 80 crawling. I was getting agitated at the thought of missing the beginning of American Idol. Fortunately, I made it just in time to see the end credits of Seinfeld. Oh Anoop my dawg, you made me smile. I really liked you tonight, your song choice (bravo, one of the songs I really like), your preppy look which made you appear like you just came out of a catalog, and oh you're so cute baby pictures. Hope you get the votes required to stay for another week.

Simon giving a standing O to an Idol wannabe? Now that's a shocker, even more shocking than the suicide of Kutner. Two nights in a row, Fox has given us a shocker. Here's a standing O from me to you Fox network.


It's a relatively easy day until about three hours until my shift ends, my coworker fell ill, she had to be taken upstairs to urgent care. Her BP was through the roofs apparently. When I inquired about her condition from my supervisor who took her up there to be seen, she said not good and continued to tell me how high her BP level was. I was bothered from then on. I couldn't get her out of my mind.

Still down from the news from work, I came home to find my husband sporting a long face and when I inquired he told me he came home to find our dearly beloved pet Mulder of four years dead. My mother said he was still alive at around 3 pm and husband came three hours later to see him dead. Wow, that was gut wrenching, Mulder has been with us for four year, five in September. What is going to happen to Scully now (the partner)? I begged hubby to get a replacement tomorrow. He said he will talk to the girl from work who sold us these lovebirds.

It's results night on American Idol. In the past years I would not touch the computer before AI results show because I know the results of who got booted off will be in front of my face each time I open Yahoo (the bane of living in the West Coast). Anyhow, this year that is not the case. I did not mind knowing before I watch the show whose time was up. Hubs has the computer on as he was still working on our taxes so I asked if he could go online and see who got the axe. He did. He was reading the article and not saying anything, I was folding the laundry on the bed a few yards from him so I couldn't read the writings on the screen. He remained quiet and kept on reading. So again I asked while continuing to fold clothes. I told him as long as it's not Adam or Anoop that's fine. It turned out to be neither of those two, but Anoop again landed on the bottom three. How could that be? He was really good. Well, it's Scott's turn. I thought it was the right singer to go.


Nothing especially worth remembering today or else I would have remembered it. My husband and I met at Pet Smart after work to get a replacement for the dead parakeet. The price was a bit higher than the other pet store that we frequent so we both decided to get the bird from the other store. This store is an independent mom and pop store so to speak and they carry wonderful animals for sale, albeit extremely expensive. They used to have this beautiful pink African grey bird that was oh so entertaining. The bird is no longer there and upon inquiry we found out that it was sold. Lucky owner.

They also have great little puppies always. This time around though, all their puppies are to my liking. I really wanted to bring them all home, not to mention the little kitties they have; they rarely have kittens, I don't know why. We did not even wander towards the fishes we were meant to get another look alike of our parakeet for less than what Pet Smart was asking.
So we brought home the little parakeet and put him in the cage with our Scully who we were afraid would die of loneliness. It was a long pause of silence between them and at around 11 pm when I went down to check on them they were perched side by side. Which brought me some hope.


I haven't worked on Good Friday for years until today. Long story short, I was late in putting in my time off requests even though every year I get the day off short notice and all. But that doesn't matter. Husband did take the day off and went to the service, and took my car for lube change. Nothing happened today that is worth noting.


We got invited to a prayer/lunch at a Sikh temple in Fremont. I always love going to Sikh temples partly because I enjoy ogling the fabrics and clothing of Indian women. To be honest, if I could I would wear the shalwar kameez on a daily basis, I definitely would. It is so comfortable. And I had to wear my own Indian garb to the temple as requested by my friend who was also coming with us. And of course we ate chaat (snacks) and then lunch in a span of about an hour. After the visit to the temple and meeting my husband's colleague, the one who invited us and whose petition/thanksgiving the service was offered, we went shopping at an Indian store. I found a package of tandoori flatbreads (10 pcs for 3.70) which we used to make as a pizza for dinner.


The glorious Resurrection. We attended two church services today, Episcopalian and Catholic. We then took my mother to a late lunch at 8th Street Cafe in Oakland Chinatown, her favorite place to eat. Upon arrival from home we found a message on our voice mail from our realtor that she's ready to show us another house. So we called her back and said we're now home and ready to see the house. The house is ideally located. The front views are of heavily wooded hills, and the floor plan is the same as the house we loved and lost because we got outbid. We really love this house too. Plus it has a pool. Let's see what happens.


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