If there is one consolation to my despair at missing LOST again last night, the third week in a row!!!!, it's the inclusion of Anoop Dog in the wild card sing-off of AI tonite. After watching AI for years and getting comfortable with the program of choosing 12 girls and 12 boys from the Hollywood round, the shake up this year is quite interesting; nothing that I dismissed instantly nor embraced with both arms either. I thought I would take a "wait-and-see" attitude. Apparently they had done this thing before. I believe I heard Simon mention that without the wild card sing-off there would be no Clay Aiken or Jennifer Hudson. You see I dont know that because those early seasons I was not watching AI.

It could be very interesting tonite. As I understand it, the eight (?) that got chosen will sing for their lives and the four judges will select three aspirants to move on to the next round, making the total of 12 singers.

I have high hopes for Anoop to choose the right song and be fantastic. Wait, will AI move in Grey's Anatomy timeslot?

Oh well, if it does, I might as well catch it up online after Lost.


Caprice said…
I am new to AI. I haven't really watched it before this season but I am really getting into it. I love the whole wild card thing and I'm glad Anoop got in but the screamer girl???
I would have put Felicia in before Tatiana or Megan. When Megan sang I cringed at the way she shook her body and arms- it was weird. And screamer??? Wow- why not Nick/Norman??? At least he was funny!
I'm really sad about Felicia- she was my fave but now I'll have to go with Danny.
I too hope they all pick good songs. funny how they can get so far but when the chips are down- pick loser songs. Not that I'd do any better. At least they all can sing- for the most part.
Photo Cache said…
Caprice I was sad when Felicia was not chosen either. I think that screamer girl was chosen more for the "entertainment" content.

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