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I have a confession to make. Every Sunday night, I toy with the idea of calling in sick on Monday morning. The first thing I think of when I hear my alarm go off on Monday morning is shall I call in sick today?

Don’t get me wrong. I like my job. I like the company I work for. I like my co-workers. There is just something so deflating about Mondays. Must be the constant nagging in my brain that weekends are typically so full of chores that whatever time left for fun and relaxation is never enough to sustain me for another long week of battling with long commutes.

Moreover, there is something magical about taking a day off on weekdays when everyone is either at school or at work and you’re seemingly the only one you know who enjoys the sun while you go about playing hooky for the day. All I am saying is we all have FERRIS BUELLER syndrome inside all of us.

Thus I try to take a day off the right way, by scheduling a day off with my boss. I remember this one particular day where I decided to take the whole day off after an early morning doctor’s appointment. I typically don’t shop on my own, that’s not my thing, but on day’s off when the dear hubs is slaving at his lab at work I cherish these precious moments to stay longer than necessary browsing and trying shoes, trying on clothes I normally don’t like, and since I am confessing here I seem to always eat junk when I am on a day off and my “official” day off food of choice – nachos from Taco Bell. Hah, I know right? No reason at all, the nachos seem to taste better on my day off.

What about you, anything to confess?


Kayni D said…
Same here, I do think of calling in sick from time-to-time either on Mondays or Friday so that I could have a three day weekend. Although the past few weeks, I had to use some of my sick leave for real sick leave...lol.
arabesque said…
well, since I don't work for someone and I am the err... boss of my own.
It is really hard to make a day off. ^0^
But yeah, the Manic Monday song is always in my head every sunday night.
Thank you for the looong weekends though. ^0^
witsandnuts said…
Same here! I agree that there's something about being on leave during workweek. Not that I am lazy, but I did call in sick once just to be able to really rest. ;)

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