Back from Vacation

Back from a 5d4n Mexico beach vacation, I am now here to report about it. Although what is there to report about? We stayed in a resort, all-inclusive, fronting the blue of Sea of Cortez. It's funny I know but each time I go on vacation, my period shows up. My last vacation I got my period when we landed in Venice. What is that about?

Anyway, I kinda dug the resort vacation this time. I have been to Cabo once, when the cruise stopped for a day there. This vacation is different from that. We didn't rent a car as we intended. We didn't go to explore other towns as planned. But we enjoyed our time. We went shopping, walked on the beach, soaked on the jacuzzi, joined other Warriors fan in the Sports Bar watching games 4 & 5 against the Rockets, went on a sunset cruise by The Arch, had a pamper me time at the spa, and parasailed.

However, on the last 2 days the temps was boiling hot. Unbearably hot. It was the kind of heat that would give you a headache. Mine hurt like crazy, not a good feeling when you're trying to have a fun time.


Kayni D said…
I know exactly what you mean about that period thing. If not that, there's something else like a big pimple or a cold. That happens to me too. Glad to hear you went for a vacation. We're still in Dublin, and although I miss our furry kids I also don't want this vacation to end.
DaPHne LAura said…
Wow nice nice! Welcome back from your Mexique adventure. I've also been following Kayni's Irish vacay.

One of the reasons why I don't plan vacations in advance is due to that untimely monthly thingie. It ruins everything, you are not comfy, you feel sloggish, not to mention you need to pack bulky pads! Well you get the idea. LOL

Glad you had a lovely time despite that and sometimes just lounging around doing nothing can be a grand way to spend a vacay! :)

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