"Eat first then we'll cuddle later."

Overheard this conversation tonight. Hubby talking to Fuzzy, a feral cat who comes for her dinner every night.


madretz said…
awe, that's sweet! I bet Fuzzy appreciated both the cuddles and nom noms.

(commenting here from your reg photo blog since I still can't post there. for some reason I can only post when comments are in a separate pop up window and I have to prove I'm not a robot. Blogger bug, annoying. I researched it, no fix seems to be available yet...so if you dont mind, I'll just leave my comments here :) )...Anyhoo!!
That yosemite critter is a marmot. Yellow-bellied marmot. That spot you saw him was the very 1st time I saw one, too, in 1993 right before we moved to the Bay Area from Southern California.

Your sky was amazing thru your Yosemite drive. Wow, that stunning blue!!

I always wonder what the sheep are thinking when they're being sheared. Are they grateful because now they have that hot heavy coat off and they've been boiling for months and months? Or are they now freezing without their warm coat?

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