I'm not a numerologist, but I'm getting a kick out of today's date. I don't know if the date is significant in any way, but I like it. I like it even more because today, the San Francisco Giants completed a 3-game do-or-die series with the Cincinnati Reds, in Cinci. I'm at work so that's a bummer, but I was able to listen to the game on the radio. Thank Heavens that there are still radios.

The game was exciting and the big hit came from this guy pictured here. For those not in the know this is Buster Posey the face of the Giants. He is the catcher of the team, and just recently won the batting title. He's in line for the league's MVP. He certainly is 100% his team's MVP.

Just saying what a happy day 10.11.12 is. Hope yours is too.


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