Happy Thoughts

Think happy thoughts. That is the advice many people give and receive in times of trouble. When one needs to change the situation one is in, it's think happy thoughts. When one is sick and needs all the help one can get from all aspect, it's think happy thoughts.

Because believe it or not, our frame of mind, our attitude can spell the difference between win or defeat, so to speak.

And why am I talking about happy thoughts right now? It's because I have been constantly reminding myself to think happy thoughts lately. There are so many ugly things that are happening around me. While I tend to hold on to my faith, sometimes I cannot help but let that sneaky little worry and his bestfriend fear enter my heart and mind.

I am finding it hard to think happy thoughts at times, especially when one is feeling some pain. And the news that come from every which way is that another one needs prayer of healing. It's ugly. I'm getting afraid.


Daphn3 LaurA said…
I agree it is difficult to think happy thoughts where there is so much pain, destruction and ugliness that surrounds us.

I also hate when we try our best to keep on the positive path but negative energy still forces itself in.

My wish for you is to stay strong and fight so those happy thoughts can guide you through your pain.
Josiet said…
They say, worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.

I hope you're thinking happy thoughts by now :)

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