It Feels Like Christmas

My Christmas tree is up and I joyfully completed the task on Saturday after Thanksgiving. What is more amazing about that is I did it by myself. I am growing up hahaha!

I found so much joy putting up the tree this weekend that I took the least amount of time necessary to get it up and lighted. You see I am a master at procrastination. My style is minimalistic so my ratio of green to ornament is heavily in favor of the green tree. I know my mother’s style is the opposite and she may still comment on my very minimalistic approach, but for now she keeps mum.

This year I have used my red ball ornament. I’m still trying to get as much use from my old ornaments as I could. But the tree that I have right now is a new one. I gave my old tree away to Salvation Army. I use plastic tree versus real one. I love the smell of the real tree, but disposing it is so much hassle that I have never purchased a live one again.

Likewise the garlands are already decorating the banister in my staircase, they’re lit up as well. That’s about the extent of my decoration so far. I have yard decors that would have to wait for this weekend to be put up.

And speaking of Christmas, blogger pal Kayni broached up the idea of x-change gifts. I know this may cause a little wrinkle in the blog world as I passed the chance to play x-change gifts with Princessa Musang this year and said yes to Kayni. I’ll make it up to my other blogger pal some day.

Here’s my list for Kayni’s Christmas party:

Something you can use everyday: Cutesy journal

Something cute: Anything Sanrio/Hello Kitty

Something light or small: Kitty ornament or kitty item

Something fancy: Fancy (fashion) earrings

Something sweet: Dark chocolate bar

Favorite colors: Pink, yellow

Something you really need: Small wallet

Something you collect: Pressed pennies, postcards, ref magnets

If you have one wish, what would it be: Is this about world peace or totally selfish answers? I want to have one 5 x 8 print of your most favorite picture that you took. I’ll frame it and put it up on my wall.

I hope to get Kayni's response to these questions/lines soon so I can start shopping.

Happy Christmas everyone! I know too soon right?


kayni said…
Thank you. Oh I'm full of excitement going shopping for you :). My list is up. I hope it's not too hard.

I didn't join PM's this year as well. Mine was a random idea and just threw it out there. I'm so glad there were three of you who responded.
witsandnuts said…
Now I know that you also like Hello Kitty stuff, like Kayni. I blog hopped too late and just learned about the gift giving hosted by Kayni. I like your 5 x 8 print idea, but I want to do that in our house in the Philippines.

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