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03-05-11 064

It's been a week I know. But what can I do? Well I have been working on sorting all the photos we took from our last vacation and I must say that 3 weeks after coming back from the amazing trip I have already posted 2 albums for 2 different cities on Facebook. 2 down, 3 to go!

Taking photos is so much fun. While I'm in the moment, I never pose to think how much time I'd put into getting all the photos together and choosing which ones to share with friends and the blog. But the moment we get back and the task at tackling a mountain of photos is at hand, then the regret of taking too many pictures come into mind.

Nope the picture above is not from our last trip. This one's from Napa, I simply love the the rainy gloomy mood of the image - it reflects my mood today even though the rain has stopped and we are on the first day in a string of 4 days where our temps are supposed to climb up to 80 degrees again. Back to Indian summer people.

Last week was hectic. I started to attend a sort of bible study at church so my Wednesday evenings are booked until the end of the year.

Over the weekend we took Emma to the vet. I was concerned that she wasn't eating well enough and that her weight loss or perceived weight loss was worrying me. I knew that most cats are not amenable to changes and when one changes their food this causes some trauma to the cats. Well, I did change or keep changing their brand of food, but 2 weeks before her vet appt I went back to their old food which I know Emma loves.

As a result, 2 weeks before her vet appt she was back to eating normally and I have felt her return to her usual weight. I could tell. She walks all over me every day, especially in the a.m. when she wakes me up - after I put the snooze button on the alarm :)

So the vet visit was a confirmation that everything with Emma is normal and she did gain weight from her previous appt - a whopping 1.7 lbs :)

The other cat, Buster, was given his first animal blessing at church in connection with St. Francis of Assissi's feast day. Yes, he cried the whole way to the church - he hates car rides - but was surprisingly docile and quiet and well behaved at church. Did not even bite anyone who petted him, he was popular.

But while he behaved marvelously at church, the minute we loaded him up in the car and drove away he again cried and cried. We really should train these cats to enjoy car rides. The only time they get loaded in the car is when they go to the vet and so the negative association.

Also last Sunday our friends had a housewarming, finally! I really like their 4br 1.5ba in nearby Richmond. They have a sizeable backyard, fenced in and mostly cemented with basketball court for the boys. The front yard could use a little landscaping, some flowering bushes and shrubs and even roses would definitely add value and curb appeal to this wonderful house. The exterior also needed a fresh coat of paint, but that's about it. She and her husband really did a good job buying this house. I love it.

That's all for now. I have run out of things to day.


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