So Many New Things

It's been a week since I got back from my vacation.  I'll write something about this vacation one day when I can sort out everything, when I'm not too tired from work, when I'm not worrying about Emma's skinny frame, or nursing a headache.

While I've seen and experienced many wonderful new things and adventures in this vacation of mine, the one I'm going to share here is what I experience for the first time while riding our local subway, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), on the way home from the airport.

Despite my brother's offer to pick us up from the airport, we decided to just ask him to pick us up from the BART station, 10 miles from home.  We were arriving at near 8 pm so we didn't really want to bother.  Although he insisted there is no bother when family is concerned.

Anyway, we boarded the train from the airport and I was surprised to find the trains still full.  We made a transfer in Oakland, and when the train was travelling in Berkeley, a fight broke out between 2 guys.  Fistfight!  I 've never seen one in person and not so close to where I was sitting.

Let me give you a back story to my day.  I awoke at 3:30 am to catch a 7:30 am flight to Miami.  Had an easy 2 hour flight to Miami and ate lunch during my 4-hour layover.  Didn't have anything to eat on the plane during the 5-hour flight to SFO. 

And at 9 pm as I was nearly completing the last leg of this long journey home, a fight broke out just a feet from where I was sitting.  My luggage is infront of me and I was too tired, too hungry, too numb to react.  My hubby who was about a yard away from where I was sitting was calm - as usual. 

And I sat there. Just sat there.  I don't know what I was thinking. I was afraid someone was packing. You don't know who's carrying guns nowadays.

Thankfully it was just a fistfight.  A brave guy came in between the two.  Then another came in.  The other people jumped out of the way, others chimed in and egged the fight.

When they got separated and one of them alit at a stop, the one left behind told everyone that the guy he fought with was groping women.  My husband saw this man grabbed a woman's breast and that's when this standup guy said something. I heard him say THAT'S NOT COOL, MAN.

So this guy who we first thought was the bad guy asked us, why no one stood up for that girl who got groped?

If I saw the deed, would I say anything?  Especially since the guy who did the bad deed looked like bad news follows him around?

Why didn't the others speak out?  Some of the women and even men told this standup guy to leave it alone.  This thing happens everyday.  Really?  Will you, can you let it go if you were the victim or the eyewitness?

Call me chicken, but I'm glad that I'm driving to work everyday.  I've always wanted to take public transport, but my workplace doesn't really qualify for a public transport. If I were to take a bus or train I would first walk 9 blocks downhill to catch a bus.  Bus 1 would take me to stop 1 where I'd take Bus 2.  Bus 2 would take me to Train station.  From Train station I need to take Bus 3 to work.  All that. 

Thank heavens I'm driving and I'm blessed with a car.


kayni said…
that's nice of that guy to confront the pervert. i take the train to and from work everyday but haven't experienced anything like that yet.

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