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I need a kick ass cookie recipe for Christmas gift giving. This year I intend to make instead of buy the presents I plan to give away. My niece always bakes a variety of cookies and packs them for gift giving every Christmas, and they are always sought after and most anticipated.

This is a wise move on her part. Not only does she hone her baking skills, she also saves a lot of dough (pun intended) in the process.

However let me first clarify one thing. I.DO.NOT.BAKE. My minimal baking experience can be atributed to making brownies straight from the box - on two different occasions.

The first time it didn't turn out moist and chewy, but it was okay, passable for a first time. The brownie, however, did not fare well after the first day. It hardened like a stone and was too tough to eat, although a little time in the microwave solved the problem.

The second time it came out of the oven tough. But again time in the microwave solved the problem.

As you can see, I don't have the natural abitlity for baking. Therefore, the cookie recipe I need must be/have:
  • easy to follow, easy to make
  • simple ingredients
  • yummy and buttery (it is after all holiday eats)
  • will last a few days

Okay then, I will wait.


josiet said…
I'd like to bake too but I have no oven! Hahahaha!!!

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